tumblr // general update

hello, internet strangers! i’m starting to cook up some plans for my tumblr, there’s going to be LOTS of different categories and all sorts of writerly fun happening there, so. if you’re interested, check it out at goldfish-and-the-microphone.tumblr.com. the plan is, i’ll do a wall of words there, where i’ll post word definitions (some of which are creative, some of which are actually factual), somewhat open highly poetic letters to other people, more short poems, my worries about the future, all sorts of other stuff from my monsoon of creative thought, the occasional long poem, but, you know, i figure people on tumblr have lower attention spans than you guys do so most of my long poems and spoken word stuff will go over to here. also: be grateful, i posted THREE poems today, which you can read here, here, and here! feel free to shower me in flowers. 😉

i guess my goal with all this writing and interneting is that i can make a community of people who know they’re not alone. i want to let the people like me know it’s ok to be the way they are. i know my poetry can get pretty dark, but i want to help people feel happy. that’s what reading has always been about for me. i hope that that’s how this feels for you. whoever you are.  which is not to say i can be your best friend, or that i would necessarily get along with you. which is not to say i’m yours and yours, or that if you’re a jerk to me i won’t fight back, which is not to say i am your object. no. i hope my writing is bigger than any of that. all the little things. i hope… i’m capable of being that kind of person. i just hope it’s possible, for a bunch of people to just be human.