so, here’s the deal: all my poetry is copyrighted to me, and is original unless i otherwise say so. i may be anonymous; you still cannot steal my writing. please do not repost without a) asking me first and b) indicating “poetry by goldfish and the microphone” and giving a link to my blog. if you want to quote any of my poems, on your own website or on social media or whatever, drop me an email via my contact form and i’ll tell you whether or not it’s ok ASAP.

also, please note that there is a really convenient way to repost something, while giving credit, and without having to ask me: clicking the sharing buttons! yay! i have never used them, but i think they make, like, a big link to the post on your facebook/tumblr page??

also, if you want to print out a poem, there is a printer button at the bottom of all my posts. i tried it out for the sake of experimentation, and it does work surprisingly well. for personal use (pinning something up on your bedroom wall, putting it in your locker), that’s definitely okay. if you’re planning on putting my poems up on, like, a public noticeboard or in a staff lunch room, that’s definitely ok as long as it’s ok with whoever owns that space/noticeboard, BUT only if it’s made clear on that paper that this poem is copyright to goldfish and the microphone, and there’s my blog url somewhere on the page, so if people are interested they can google my site.

tl;dr: if you want to share my writing on your blog or on social media without using the sharing buttons (aka making an aesthetic with a quote from one of my poems on it), it’s probably ok as long as you’ve cleared it with me first by leaving a comment and given credit, credit being defined as saying “this poem was written by finding_souls, who posted it on” if you want to put them up in a public space that’s fine, as long as you have made it clear that i am the copyright holder of my writing and included a link to my blog.

if you have any other questions, just leave me a comment or send me an email, and i will get back to you ASAP. 🙂





so yes i write stories

hello internet strangers! so today, i published a story on wattpad! and my brain is half-asleep right now and when i was typing the tags for this post i nearly labelled this blog as a “poetry clog” and i want to take a really big nap because it’s been a really long day, but instead i will be  a good blogger and tell you all about it! it’s called the sleep and it’s about an insomniac who uses the internet alias starryskye.e, who is a 19-year-old student studying astrophysics at university. she’s lonely, and so she designs a robot called SootheBot who she can talk to when she can’t sleep at night. the story talks a lot about the relationship between them and a lot of philosophical stuff, but it’s also about living with anxiety and depression and how you can connect with people when the world never seems to stop long enough to listen. (and it’s basically my highly polished emotional vomit, and it’s wonderful.) read it here if you want:

also, today i published five poems on the main blog! read them here, here, here, here, and here if you missed them. 🙂

big hug and deep breath,



hello my internet strangers! so… i just made a wattpad account! i’m planning on posting some short stories there later on over the weekend, hopefully. if you want, you can check out my profile here:


i posted a ton of stuff today!! // general update // unsolicited hugs

hi internet people! so i have posted a ton of stuff today! yay! this week has been really exhausting for me; i haven’t been sleeping great, and i had a school poetry performance thing… which was stressful, although i am glad i did it. also, i run a poetry club… and usually, it’s easy, but of late it’s been difficult on me. also, did i mention sleep? i’m have issues with sleeping. gah. honestly, there are so many things i just need to scream out and know someone is listening. i had therapy today (therapy of the emotional kind, to be clear). but i really need more than an hour to get a whole week of crazy off my chest; i was talking nonstop and i think i barely scratched the surface.

anyhow. i am sidetracking. today, i posted four poems! this is the third week i’ve done this! which may or may not be a sound decision for my mental health. but i did it!

read them here, here, here, and here.

also, i’ve been taking a break from tumblr. (and i haven’t even touched the youtube channel, because i don’t feel like i’m ready to handle it yet, and i think i’ll know when i am; maybe when i’m finished all my schoolwork for the year.) but i just posted a punch of short poems!! read them here, here, and here. honestly, i feel like most people on tumblr don’t have a very high attention span, so i try to avoid posting poems over 500 words. which makes things difficult, to be honest. i hope it’s good… but i’m not super-confident with short poetry. anyway. check them out if you want to; if you have any FRIENDLY feedback/advice for running a tumblr/feelings in general/anything you need to talk about, feel free leave it below, as long as you’re being nice about it, because i am up to my armpits in hostility as is. 🙂

not sure when i’ll be tumblring again. i try to update at least once a week, but it’s not my highest priority.

i hope you’re doing well. i hope you feel alive. i hope you don’t feel numb. i hope you’ve been doing better than i am. but if you’re hurting,  know you are not alone.  i’m sending all my hugs your way. ❤




tumblr // general update

hello, internet strangers! i’m starting to cook up some plans for my tumblr, there’s going to be LOTS of different categories and all sorts of writerly fun happening there, so. if you’re interested, check it out at the plan is, i’ll do a wall of words there, where i’ll post word definitions (some of which are creative, some of which are actually factual), somewhat open highly poetic letters to other people, more short poems, my worries about the future, all sorts of other stuff from my monsoon of creative thought, the occasional long poem, but, you know, i figure people on tumblr have lower attention spans than you guys do so most of my long poems and spoken word stuff will go over to here. also: be grateful, i posted THREE poems today, which you can read here, here, and here! feel free to shower me in flowers. 😉

i guess my goal with all this writing and interneting is that i can make a community of people who know they’re not alone. i want to let the people like me know it’s ok to be the way they are. i know my poetry can get pretty dark, but i want to help people feel happy. that’s what reading has always been about for me. i hope that that’s how this feels for you. whoever you are.  which is not to say i can be your best friend, or that i would necessarily get along with you. which is not to say i’m yours and yours, or that if you’re a jerk to me i won’t fight back, which is not to say i am your object. no. i hope my writing is bigger than any of that. all the little things. i hope… i’m capable of being that kind of person. i just hope it’s possible, for a bunch of people to just be human.