static electricity, and flashing neon lights. and i don’t care how i got here. just keep driving. 

and let me cry, like the world is over. cry, because i’m so ridiculously scared of getting better. but for all the times i never said it… i’m proud of you. for how far you’ve come. for all that you’ve lived through.

and there are always gonna be days when you feel like this. when memories haunt you from long-past moments. and you’re surrounded by friends, and yet you still can’t help but feel the aching sting of loneliness.

but it will pass. just like always. and you’ll keep breathing. and you’ll fight. and you’ll win.

because you’re so much more than a sacrifice to this abyss.

A while back a counsellor on a crisis line wanted me to write something for myself that I could read in the moments when I was falling apart, when I didn’t feel worthy of love or anything else–when I wanted to destroy every inch of space I dared to take up. I’ve made a lot of different attempts at that, and, well, I wrote this one on a school computer on a really rough day a couple days ago, and for some reason I am so ridiculously proud of this one.