Shoutout Saturday (What I’ve been listening to)

How I'm Feeling - Wikipedia

~how i’m feeling~ by lauv

I discovered this album a little while ago, and I kid you not, I’ve been listening to it on loop pretty much every day since then. Inevitably, I will get sick of it at some point or other, but right now I will happily be jamming out to “Modern Loneliness” in the middle of a high school computer lab, giving approximately zero shits. (That’s actually been a cool development by the way! It’s been three weeks since school went back, and I haven’t actually had any panic attacks. I’ve gotten a anxious about certain things, but I’ve actually been able to deal with it really well so far. I’m really proud of myself!)

Anyway, ~how i’m feeling~ is this wonderful mishmash of sweet love songs, and more serious ones, exploring anxiety and depression in the modern age. Lauv has this really gorgeous, unique sound I don’t think you quite find anywhere else. Despite him being a larger musician, this album really has the same vibes, lyric-wise of something an indie band might put out, just with a more pop-ish sound. (Is that a word? I know what I’m doing, I swear. Dear lord.)

I don’t know, it just hits you in the feels, and I don’t think there’s anyone who could honestly dislike this album, although inevitably there’s someone out there who disagrees. I don’t know, whenever I feel depressed or anxious, I like to put this album on Spotify, and it always makes me feel better–or at least, less alone. It’s just makes me just want to get up, and start dancing around my room like a girl in a movie.

mxmtoon - dawn Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

dawn by mxmtoon

If you’re familiar with mxmtoon, you might know her for the songs that she posted to YouTube as a teenager, and eventually got a lot of attention for. Generally, her songs are a little sad and downcast, like in her previous album, the masquerade. But recently, she’s tried her hand at writing more hopeful songs, and I feel like she pulls it off really well. I remember deciding to check in on her Spotify bio one night I was feeling kinda blah, and deciding to put it on while I wrote–and it just made me feel like I could take on the whole world.

The instrumental backing her singing is always so heartwarming and simple. I think that’s a lot of her songs’ appeal. They never put on airs and graces; they never seek to impress, or express some deep artistic truth. In her Spotify bio, mxmtoon describes her songs as “rhyming diary entries” and I think that’s really true. I don’ t know, I just love her music a lot. (Also, as a ukulele player, I’m probably biased, but Maia is such a ukulele icon.)

Melodrama (Lorde album) - Wikipedia

Melodrama by Lorde

I remember, when Lorde’s song “Royals” got really popular. I was in fifth grade, I think, and I remember the student teacher we had helping us play it while we were working on some craft project I was definitely too cool for, and my friend informing me that this song was Very Fancy and I should be impressed. (I was ten, and honestly couldn’t care less.)

I didn’t even listen to any of her music until a year ago, but it seriously took me until last week to get to streaming this album, I kid you not. What can I say? Pasta fazool, I am a fool, it’s actually really good.

Lorde has this really unique musical style I don’t think I’ve seen any other artist use before. All of her songs have this gorgeous reverb/echo/chorus effect on them, and, as the album title suggests, have a very melodramatic quality to them–in the best way possible.

Her lyrics are also so gorgeous. Not going to lie, I am that nerd who, whenever I find a song I like, will look it up on, and read through all of the lyrics, and go through every single analysis of them, and read all the artist interviews I can get my hands on. Lorde is absolutely one of the artists I do that for.

This album is magical, and I love it so much, so give it a try if you’re looking for something to listen to.

Puberty 2 - Wikipedia

Puberty 2 by Mitski

This is a new find for me! My friend sent me “Your Best American Girl” a few weeks back, because it reminded her of one of my characters, and I listened to it, and it reminded me of that character, and then I checked out her whole album, and it’s… really beautiful. Her songs are so many things, all at once–overwhelming in the best way possible. They always start out so soft, heartfelt, and innocent, and just erupt suddenly into this chaotic, often unconventional chorus. I love how she brings in these sounds that would typically be considered ugly, and manages to make them sound so evocative and beautiful. Her lyrics feel so honest, and real–with that same diary-entry vibe I talked about before, but with a bit more metaphor and poetry to them.

And that about sums it up! I know, my tastes in music are very basic, but I had fun trying out this whole new format, so hopefully you liked it, and, I don’t know, check out these albums if you want.

How are you doing? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to chat. 🙂

Lots of love,