growing pains

i fall down the hill

’cause the grass rips straight out of the muddy ground

and the rain makes my hair go frizzy

i ruin my favorite pair of jeans

and i cry into my muddy fingers on the way home

i throw shit at the wall just to see what sticks

and i give up on myself, a little bit

’cause the only thing i want to write about

is just behind the door

i scream, and i shout, and i don’t know what to believe anymore

because the more i learn, the more confusing it gets

and i’m doing a puzzle with half the pieces missing

i’m trying to repair something that doesn’t need fixing

yeah i’m walking barefoot through the rain

plastering a smile over asphalt despair

gnashing my teeth, and pulling out my hair

cause all i can see is

stinging nettle glory;

burn my tongue on hot tea

and let its answer roll out before me