about the author

i’m finding_stars, currently running this blog anonymously for the sake of me still being able to be honest in my writing without feeling like the people i know in real life are capable of stopping me from telling the truth about my feelings. i’m a teenager who likes writing, exploring, climbing trees, and not worrying for as long as i can. i’m not going to lie: i have demons, just like you do. i have struggles. i don’t have a long, fancy list of credentials. but i feel like there needs to be more open, passionate, and honest voices out there, and i need to share my feelings with the world without going through a literary magazine or writing a chapbook, honestly in part for the sake of my own ability to function. so i started a blog. don’t expect these poems will always be the same; don’t expect my style not to change. don’t expect that i can always do things perfectly. i am a human being using a computer screen to communicate with you. this blog will continue to grow throughout the years, and i hope to watch it grow with you.