i want to be her

i want to be her, that person

who smiles and sets the room ablaze

i want to be that person, who’s got energy

and patience for days

who solves your problems with the flick of her hand

i want to be her

who exceeds all expectations

who sends the crowds roaring 

with unanimous applause

and make the grade with room to spare

and they’d all say she’s doing good, that girl over there

i want to be her, holding you in strong arms

unshaking, unbreaking, solid and strong

i want to drive you across the city

quiet your fears with the touch of my palm

i want to be her, that girl

who is liked and who is loved

whose muscles do not ache

whose shoulders never buckle

beneath the weight of it all

i want to be her

who has never sunk to the ground with muddy knees

a tired back, and told the water

that her eyes have turned to jade

that her arms are frozen inside casts of marble

before sunrise, she’ll be a statue

i want to be her

graceful and elegant and always on time

chipping away the flaws in her marble,

she’ll replace it in due time

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