open wound (ii.)

ii. i’m constantly fucking bleeding / tripping and falling / picking at my seams / i’m sorry / i just / can’t stop  thinking that maybe it’s all a downward trend / maybe all progress is negative / and i am insignificant / caught up in the toss and the turn of the waves/ so i’m stitching myself up in the bathroom counter / too stubborn to ask for help / ’cause i know i should do better / i know that the sun will burn out / and maybe my time on this earth will have been a waste / i can’t stop thinking about it all / mourning people i have never met ‘til 2am on new year’s eve / i hope they’re happy with their lives / i hope they cheat on their wives / hope they go down in flames / just so someone can burn with me

Part 2/3 of a suite of poems.

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