maybe i just wanted / what they sold me on a movie screen / a gorgeous supernova across the sky / a depression so deep they’d immortalize it / in songs and stories / for the rest of eternity / i wanted to make sense / i wanted to slide down someone’s tongue / like butterscotch candy / bring a smile to red painted lips / ‘cause maybe i can’t change the world / can’t tell my left from right without checking my hands / or remember the street names of the places i grew up / but i can love you for all that it’s worth / and it’s all perspective, isn’t it? / so maybe i just wanted it to be simple / and easy / to get it on the first try, to twirl across the stage  without the slightest / bit of panic curled up inside my chest / maybe i just wanted to hold somebody in the palm of my hands / know how to stitch you back together / on all your broken days / but i stand there, hand half outreached / my heart caught up in my throat / watching you cry from two feet away

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