you make me feel like

sunshine! and flowers! and sparkly dew!

and when i’m with you

it all just fades away

you make me want to twirl

and giggle

and glimmer with joy

you make me soft

iced coffee latte

you’re the sun in the sky

you’re the stars and the moon

you’re the ocean and the shore

and the daffodils i bloom

you make me yearning

and splendor

and petrichor roads

salt-kissed fingertips

and the long walk home

a room full of strangers

giddy and new

‘cept i’m clumsy

and i’m rotten to the bone

takes me half an hour

just to say hello

but i’ll be your friend

or your lover

and if you call me, i’ll try my best to answer

and conjure some advice from the scrapyard in my heart

try to be gentle

and soft

like the light hits the forest floor

Okay, this might turn into a song? I think it would sound really nice on ukulele.

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