lost in translation

i’ve never been good with a turn of phrase

subtle punchlines and references

to movies that i never saw

i’ve never been quick on my feet

or good when it comes to memory

i never understood those shakespeare plays

but i hear they’re something special

and i’m trying to understand the rhyming verses

to see the things you do

i’ll get there, eventually

i’ll translate the twisted words and i’ll muddle through

the things that were supposed to come easy

i’ll make sense of it, clicking puzzle-pieces together

simple rules; black and white

i’m good at that

clear lines

knotted paths of string in my palms

something i can touch

i’m good at breaking, but not so good at fixing;

my sweaty palms slipping on the wrench

the house is flooding, water’s rising

but i still don’t have the guts

to do what i need to do

and i don’t understand this language you speak

of soft touches, leaning into my shoulder

i don’t have faith, i don’t have time

but i’m still trying to get through; watching the way

you give like it doesn’t cost anything to you

it doesn’t come naturally

it doesn’t quite fit

and i’ve never been a good student

but i’m not the type to quit

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