i hope they don’t remember us

i hope this poem fades to dust

and the history books never call my name

’cause no one with a statue

got cast in gold without some blame

yeah, no one gets that kind of glory

not without the bones they’ve crushed

someone left behind, in the fucking dust

so i hope, my love, that they don’t remember us

i hope i try my best, never land on my feet

i am angry and bitter; say all the wrong things

and the words knot up at the tip of my tongue

i hope that no one knows my name

’cause i don’t wanna hurt someone

i hope it is bloody, it is brutal in my chest

i hope i climb up a tower, and i wear pretty dress

i hope they love me

i hope you love me

i hope it all is for the best

i hope i break down the forest, and i fuck up a million times

wear yellow books and die my hair green

and everything is glitter, sprinkled on my cheeks

i hope my little pictures, yeah they never make sense

i hope the gods in my daydreams are quiet and unimpressed

i hope my shoes are quiet on the floor

i hope i cry into my pillow

and never want more

i hope we buy a cottage

out by the lake

i hope it’s fake and it’s idyllic

and when the water falls,

it carries me away

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