when it rains it pours

i’m your thunderstorm; your fucking tornado

skin melting like candlewax off shaky bones

screaming, and crying, and folding into the pillow

until there’s nothing left to complain about

but dust and feathers

when it rains, it’s ugly

it’s muddy feet and bleeding teeth

as you peel off rotten boards of wood

from your chesapeake home, ’cause it’s bullshit

the mythology we’ve built ourselves up on

when the wind snaps tree-branches

and sends leaves falling to the ground, and the power lines

snap like rubber bands, it’s all about me

about the static electricity, sparking at my fingertips

and poems that fall flat, dripping off my knees

like melted ice

and maybe you’ll grow, and change, and tell me you’re sorry

some day over the rainbow

but for now, i think i’ll cut out your false history

and set it aflame

’cause when it rains, i’m made of melting tissue-paper

and it’s all coming out of me, ugly and blubbering

i’ll sweep your houses out to sea

i’ll flood a lake and drown a city

pretend it doesn’t bother me

spitting out bitter apple-seeds on the lawn

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