give me love

you’re a needy little thing, aren’t you

you’re buttercup curves and you’re polyester button-eyes

and if the people you love look away for one minute

you’re probably gonna cry

’cause there’s a hole in your heart

where portraits of strangers and thrift-store trinkets used to be

but now it’s all just

minimalist aesthetics

and the end of an era

sprawled out like a carcass on a suburban road

and now, please just say

you didn’t mean it

when you said i could improve i mean

i mean i failed you completely

i am a wretched, awful human being

and i don’t know what i did

but you hung up halfway through my sentence

probably just hit the button by accident;

doesn’t matter

you probably hate me

wanna bury me alive

and i’m spinning out onto the road

the breaks cut out

and the engine’s given up the ghost

i’m whispering promises i’ll never keep into my phone

i’m sorry i’m not perfect

i’m sorry i am sharp around the edges

i’m jealous, and selfish

i’m sorry, a million times

but please don’t hate me

please don’t crush my eggshell skull

’cause i don’t think i’ll survive

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