sob story (3)

it hasn’t been like this for a year / or maybe it was two, beats me / cause time is a blur in my head / and the past few years feel like some kind of daze / like sleeping under plastic sheets / condensation dripping down my lips / and i’m not sure when i’ll wake up / but when i do / it’s gonna be fucking brilliant / okay? / i’m gonna spark like a supernova / gonna burn it all to ash / except… maybe i won’t, you know? / cause we’ve gotta keep our metaphors realistic / so maybe i’ll just kinda feel groggy / and i will go and make some coffee / burn my tongue and spill the milk / heat up a burrito and call it a day / and i will walk along the asphalt until my knees ache / and my jaw cracks open / and life’s gonna go on, i suppose / i’ll put off anything remotely challenging / and avoid new opportunities like the plague / cause everything i want feels a thousand miles away / and i’m wilting, slowly / and in the wallpaper silence / i can’t help but wonder if this is it / glass ceiling shattered pieces / digging into my shoulders / as the smoke alarm blares / and i won’t make it out in time / we both know that / but i’m still but as the fire closes in / i’m running for the exit

Yay, another addition to this suite of poems! An update on that poetry book: I’ve been actually writing it, it’s growing very slowly in my Google Docs. So we’ll see where that goes. 🙂


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