every now and then

i want you to hold me like a glass-blown ornament

ever-so-gently. tell me about your day at work,

and try not to laugh too hard when i mess up a chord

on my guitar. kiss my forehead, and sing me to sleep

like a little kid. maybe text me you miss me,

every now and then. i want you to want me,

no more and no less than i want you.

it doesn’t have to be perfect. or particularly romantic, if you

don’t want it to. but maybe i’ll make you laugh,

every now and then, if you promise to soothe my fears

before taking a leap off the edge

even if you can’t come with me

and maybe this time, love could be good, and kind

and pretty

we could rent a cabin in the woods

and run away from our utopian city.

Ok, so this is super experimental because normally I don’t like this format, but in this case, I thought it worked super well! I also am not in a relationship and have no desire to be, so this felt super weird to write, because I’m generally really cynical about the whole romance thing and don’t really want to date anyone right now, and I feel like such a cliche teenager even talking about this, and I’m getting all awkward, but yeah. I really wanna try and branch out, writing more narrative poems or things a bit more removed from my personal life, so we’ll see how it goes!

Lots of love,


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