i’ll sing for you, until my voice breaks, and i am sand in the wind, a burnt-out candle. i’ve got nothing left to lose.

but still, i hold on tight. just in case. because i want to show you all the colours of the sky, i want to make you change with the force of a toss of my hair, and a pretty smile.

i want to talk you off the ledge, with gentle hands and pretty blue eyes. i want to rescue you from your tower, i want to swim across the ocean, no matter what it takes.

because giving is easy. and i’m tired of waiting by the phone, hoping to receive. tired of getting my hopes up, putting my heart in your hands, only for you to drop it as you climb up the stairs with your groceries.

but maybe i’m not the princess, or the witch, or the wind beneath your wings. maybe i’m just a girl. no better or worse than everyone else–with their tired eyes, and their foolish dreams. which is kinda… the most terrifying thing in the world, actually.

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