February: the Month in Photography


It’s been actually, like, sunny here again?! So, that’s wild. I’ve been getting really into my Biology 12 course, it’s actually super interesting, especially the stuff about DNA. We’ve been learning about cloning and gene therapy and stuff–which is objectively terrifying, but also really fun to think about, love me a good moral dillemma. And I have a story idea that vaguely involves it too. This is the first time I’ve actually been interested in schoolwork in a while.

It’s just been a week, honestly. Time feels like it’s flying by way too fast, and way too slow at the same time. I haven’t been sleeping good, which isn’t helping either.


I made myself so tired last night, I felt like I was gonna throw up. (Which is a thing you can do, according to Healthline.com, so yeah.) I got eight and a half hours of sleep, which is downright luxurious compared to what I normally ge, and still kinda feel like shit. I’ve been getting waves of nausea all day today, and I keep getting headaches, and kind of vaguely feel like I might pass out, which is fun. I’m gonna try and go to bed early tonight, which hopefully should clear things up.


So, full disclosure, I did not actually take this picture on February 25th, but deal with it–it snowed, and I took enough pictures to easily last me through the rest of the month, and as a bonus, presents the illusion I actually experience this much snow. (When in reality, I think we’ve had like four days of snow this year, and lots and lots of rain.)

I’ve been working really hard on a bunch of different projects, and trying to get better at taking care of myself. For the first time in, like, pretty much forever, doing this stuff doesn’t make me feel like I’m pulling out my own teeth or something–attempting to get enough sleep, making myself nice meals, drinking enough water–you get the idea.

I’ve been going on long walks, just wandering around and exploring on my own for hours on end, and thinking about my life, and for the first time, it doesn’t feel like a bad thing.

I’m gonna be going back to work, starting to garden for people again in a few weeks, which I’m actually really excited about, I might have a new client? The weather is finally warming up, the sun isn’t setting at four in the afternoon? Honestly, things are looking up.


I can’t believe the month is almost over!

I don’t really have anything exciting to write about, not much is going on right now–but I really like this picture, I went on a walk in he woods the other day, as one does, and found lots of cool things, including but not limited to: this puddle, a punch of sticks arranged in a Pentagram, a bunch of branches the wind had blown over, a cool tree, and some weird animal prints. (But I don’t have pictures of those, because my phone died.)


So, full disclosure, as I write this it is very late at night, and I’m tired, but I need to get this post done, so if this turns out absolutely incoherent or really weird, now you know why.

I’ve been wandering around the forest some more of late, and listening to music on my phone, and writing an honestly concerning amount for one of my projects, and sort of neglecting the other, which is probably not too great, but at least I’m having fun.

Also, I just rebranded the blog a little bit–since in the next year, I’m hoping to expand this site beyond poetry, although I don’t quite know what that’s gonna look like yet. But I can’t wait to figure it out.

Okay! I will be back next month, so until then, I guess. Here’s hoping March won’t be too terrible? I guess?

Lots of love,


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