i hate the winter. hate the way the days flicker like candles, and the rain just keeps coming down. so i put in my earbuds, and tell myself it’s gonna be fine. but i don’t know how.

because the milky way shatters, and orion just gives up hope. i hate the chipped green lockers and stuffy hallways just as much as the next person. but i love them, too, you know?

because the night sky calls out for help, and i don’t fucking know what to do. because it’s never enough. so i’ll fill up the cup until it overflows. i’ll bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, i’ll burn myself down to ash and rubble.

i hate the crown you gave me. hate my cardboard grin, hate the blood in my veins and the oily words, dripping from your lips. hate my wilting leaves, hate my trembling fingertips. and sometimes, i just want to run away, before it’s too late to.

so maybe i will. maybe i’ll live in the city, maybe i’ll race to keep up, and cry on thursdays. paint my walls gleaming blue.

name the bleeding constellations, and make this broken mess anew.

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