happy tears, i think

after a while, it all blends together. an infinite tapestry, of cuts, and scrapes, and fresh bleeding wounds. oh it burns, oh it stings, oh my god, we’re so screwed.

but we’re trying our best; tearing our last chance at survival to shreds; falling flat on our faces like we always do. we’re flawed, and we’re fucked, and we’re beautiful, too.

so if the world burns, i want to grow a forest from the ashes. i want to love it like my own. i want to cry myself a river, and make a symphony from its bittersweet melodies and tones.

i want to stay up late, just to see the sunrise. i want to let the world blur; clench it in my fists and laugh as it shatters.

i want to cry on my bedroom floor for hours. feel like shit for as long as i need to. and then i’ll get bored. and i’ll put myself back together; straws and connectors, and maybe some lego too.

i want to take a shower. get dressed. i want to lose my keys, yet again. i want to catch the bus to school, and i want to drink up the golden morning dew.

i want to be dumb, and naive. i want to believe with my whole heart that someone like me can trust someone like you.

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