be okay (draft)

So, I haven’t done anything spoken word related in quite a while. (Since the beginning of quarantine, I think.) I’m in the bad habit of procrastinating from things that challenge me out of fear of failure, and generally sabotaging myself creatively. And also, honestly, I had a lot going on personally, and I think it was probably good to take a break. But I really miss editing audio, and it’s super close to my heart. So recently, I dusted off this old recording from a few months ago, of a poem I wrote, and played around with it, and made a little spoken word track. It’s in no way perfect, and I’ll probably change it later–but for now, this is what I’ve got.

I’m hoping to do more stuff like this in the future, and I’m working on a video for this right now, which is super exciting! Like I said, this is very messy, but I hope you like it anyway.

All sounds are in the public domain. Poem by me, and very messy ukulele also by me. (It’s not much, but I’m still learning, so, uh, cut me some slack. Like I said, hopefully much more impressive things coming soon.)

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