at least the sunset’s beautiful

the whole sky has gone grey, but it’s fine. i mean… maybe it’s just the sea? maybe it’s just my bad eyesight, sneaking up on me.

or maybe it’s this shitty, watered-down coffee, that i bought at starbucks for way too much money, and its irritating plastic cup. maybe it’s the fact that despite it all, this night reeks of giving up.

maybe it’s my worn out hoodie, constantly reminding me; that i am burnt out and alone. that i will brace for the worst, and hope for the best, and it will never be enough. because i can’t do this on my own.

but if i don’t breathe in too deeply; the smoke is just fog, sweeping through the trees. and the broken leaves are only one more sign that time is taking its toll on me.

and you know, in eighth grade i read that the more pollution in the air, the more beautiful the sunset. and… i think that’s kind of poetic. in a weird, fucked up way.

i think it’s been a long night. and right now, i just need you to stay.

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