lilac grove

trigger warning: implied misogyny.

oh, sweetheart… you’re scaring me.

so please. could you just stop clutching me like a rag doll, muttering threats that always go over my itty-bitty little head. because i’m just a girl, after all. and shouldn’t girls be stupid?

shouldn’t they twist the lock closed, and throw away the key; spin around in lilac groves, and allow the floral-print dresses and aching perfume swallow them whole; get down on their knees, and beg their fathers oh pretty-pretty-please?

lean in close to the mirror, and highlight all the parts of themselves they don’t like? slice them off with a dirty kitchen knife; and throw their imperfections as far as they can out to sea.

the wind to gnaws at my shoulders. as the ice-cold water buries me. and i… i don’t think i’m ready…

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