sunburned shoulders

i hate that you’re happy. you know that? hate that on long summer nights, you get to go have picnics in the meadow, and drown in the calming haze, while i just sit around in my room. having a breakdown over a simple turn of phrase.

thinking back to the good ol’ days, when i’d sit beside you in a circle, and spin the empty coke bottle around, and around… kiss my depression on his shaking lips, like he’s the hottest guy this side of town; whisper forever and always under my breath. flick on the radio; turn up the sound…

so maybe, just maybe i won’t notice, as he sets my sunburned shoulders ablaze… as the smoke soars through my mind on broken wings, and takes me far, far away.

to a place where the desert wind whispers my name like a prayer, and i pretend that i’m not fazed. because this scares me. and all i want is to get out of this place. to fade slowly into the ground; and let the sky gently shower me in praise.

but i guess it’s not too bad, if you don’t think about it. and after a while, you forget that there’s anything else out there. beyond the dying swathes of queen anne’s lace.

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