rot (spoken word)

trigger warning: self-harm. crisis lines are here if you need them.

I write a lot of poetry about feeling numb because honestly, although I try really hard to make sure I write about different topics, and don’t repeat myself too often–but at the same time, when something’s on my mind, it tends to get written down at some point. However, this is one of my favourite depression/numbness poems I’ve written as of yet. It’s really late as I write this, and I used up my last brain cell mixing this piece frantically and cursing myself for not getting it done sooner, but the general point is that I’m proud of this piece. 🙂

Lots of love,


Okay! Credits time! (Hopefully my sleep deprived brain doesn’t mess this up!)

Parking Garage FX / Roomtone » Parking Garage – Footsteps – Woman Heels 2” is by soundadvices. It is licensed under this license. It has been modified by me.

Ambience » Night_Parking_Garage_Ambience.wav” is by JonathanTremblay. It is used according to this license, and has been modified by me.

Aand… the rest is public domain!

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