fill me up. right to the brim. watch me dance around the kitchen, and sing off-key to cheesy pop songs i haven’t heard since i was eleven.

or roll around in campground fields, and laugh like an idiot. because i forgot that being happy felt… like this. like this, and this, and this… forgot that i even had a life outside of a computer screen, to be honest.

but i do. and i know it’s not perfect. but it’s hard not to believe that… maybe things are gonna be okay. maybe we’ll climb trees and listen to podcasts, and i will love you more than anything in this. exact. moment.

and i know it’s been a while. know the world is a mess. but i promise you. we’ll work it out. just like we always do.

I feel like I just have this whole recurring series of sappy friendship poems, and it’s just… a thing, I guess–yeah. I don’t know if anyone really likes these things, but, yanno, they make me happy, and hopefully they make you happy too. I wrote this piece the first time I saw my best friend after three months of quarantine, and… I don’t know, it was a really good day. And I guess I just wanted to write something to, in some small way, preserve it. Because that moment was really special to me.

Lots of love,


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