A day in the life of a teen girl with anxiety during a global pandemic

Historians from 2078… this one is for you.

No, in all seriousness, I though it would be fun to just… take you along on a little day in my life, and talk about some of the behind-the-scenes of running this blog, and also lowkey just a way to deal with my loneliness and terror of never being truly seen… um, yeah, but that is another post. Anyhow, this was my Thursday, and even though this idea has totally been beaten to death, I hope you enjoy!

I woke up at 8:30, and somehow stumbled out of bed, took a shower, and got dressed. Today I was feeling pretty lazy, and mostly planning on just staying in and writing, so I wore my overall dress.

I was thinking about making something fancy for breakfast, but honestly was just not feeling like dealing with the dishes/general bother, so I ended up just making cereal and a cup of coffee and curling up with this really good book I’m reading right now, We Are The Ants, which is one of the best YA books I’ve ever read, it’s breathtaking, brilliant, and beautiful, and I would highly recommend it.

After that, I did a bit of planning, and made a little to-do list. I had some chores my parents wanted me to do, and some stuff I wanted to do myself, so it was time to do some cleaning! I finally managed to get my room tidied up, which was nice, since there’s only so many clothes you can have piled on the floor before you start to lose your mind a bit.

And then, by around 11:00am it was potato time. Because I’m rewatching She-Ra and season five is getting intense. So right before lunch, I just kinda chilled, and almost cried at Catra’s character arc. As one does.

While I was watching, I did some outlining for a story I’m working on, Waves of Ice, which was actually really productive and useful. It has a lot of really complicated plot lines and characters, and sorting them all out was a bit of a mess, but it really helped get rid of just the sheer anxiety of writing this long, personal, and complicated of a story.

I just sorta chilled with my coffee and Netflix for a couple hours, until my mom came home from work, when I remembered I hadn’t actually eaten anything. Sometimes I really get into cooking, but today I was honestly just too hungry to think about it. This is a whole problem I have that I’m working on, where I just procrastinate on doing a thing, feeling shittier and shittier, until I can’t do the thing anymore and just end up giving up.

My grandma needed some new pants, and since the local thrift store just reopened, we decided to go there before it closed at 3:30. While we drove, I proof-listened to the podcast episode that went up today, just to make absolutely sure I was happy with it. Going into places as my area slowly reopens, even though I know the government is saying it’s okay, it causes me… a lot of anxiety. I hold my breath, and panic every time I see another person, even from six feet away. By the time I got out, my knees were shaking, my heart was pounding way too fast, and I felt like I was going to collapse. (But on the bright side, I got some cute dresses along with some nice things for my grandma?)

Since we were already in town, even though it was a disgustingly hot day, and I was lowkey dehydrated—we decided to stop by my old elementary school, where I’m filming part of the video for “bug eyes.” It’s shut down now, and the building is abandoned, and in addition to being a place I spent a lot of time at during the time period the poem discusses, it also just matches the poem’s mood perfectly. My plan is to go to all of the different schools I’ve attended at some point or other to film, but for now, I think I got some pretty good footage.

After that, I went home, got some water (finally) and tried on the dresses, FaceTimed with my friend, and by that point it was pretty close to dinner, so I watched another few She-Ra episodes, until dinner. Then I did the dishes, and finally decided to get my ass in gear, and got started on some of my to-dos.

I was getting a little tired of being cooped up in my room all day, so I took my laptop outside and started on some writing, which ended up taking up the better part of my evening, but also was a lot of fun. I got three pages of a ~secret project~ I’m working on done, and 500 words of my podcast, and 500 words each of two of my Wattpad stories, which is the daily goal I try to stick to.

I try to get some exercise every day, in order to stay sane, and so after getting that done, I went on a quick walk. It was really nice, actually, I like just going on long walks and hanging out with myself, and processing my day. And aside from anything else, getting outside is good for me. (Also, there was a really cute dog I saw, who I got to give a good scratch behind the ears, which is also a bonus.)

I got back around 9. The dishwasher needed unloading, so I dealt with that, and then spent some time cuddling with my cats, Earl and Mia, because they’re Very Good and deserve the world.

And then, I had a lot of blog posts to proofread. I changed into my PJs, which are always the best writing uniform, and started on writing a poem for the blog, put it in the queue, and then started to edit today’s posts, and started to write this piece with the final episodes of She-Ra playing in the background, because I have a problem. Which brings me pretty much up to speed! I have a spoken word track and a poem to write, and maybe some reading I want to get done, and then I’ll probably go to sleep. 🙂

Aaannd… yeah, that was my day! Let me know if you want me to do more posts like this, I had a lot of fun documenting my day, and I hope you had fun reading this too. 🙂

Lots of love,


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