distant memory of a good day (spoken word)

I know this could be said about a lot of my posts, but this piece–especially the spoken word track–is very personal to me. I normally don’t cry when I write or record things… I mean, sometimes I write them while I’m crying, but that’s different. This is actually one of the first pieces I’ve written in a very long time that’s hit this close to home. In the recording, before I polished it up with some voice effects my voice got all thick, and I started tearing up a bit, and when I recorded a little song segment, which I didn’t end up using for this track, it sorta got worse. (As you can tell, this was written and recorded during the phase in quarantine where I was constantly just barely avoiding falling apart at any given point, and still denying how shitty my life was.) (Whereas now, I just kind of sit in that fact all day long and brood in it. Which is fun.) And back then, about a month ago when I recorded this, that was when it really hit me, I guess. How alone I was, and how scary the world was starting to get. It felt like a slap in the face–but, like, a slap in the face I needed. And one that marked me finally figuring out how to cope with quarantine.

In terms of mixing this, I opened the handy dandy Adobe Audition, aka my audio editing software, and kind of played around with slowing down the music. I layered a couple different voice tracks, and then split them in half to allow for a slight pause in the middle of the track. Then, I tried to make it sound a little like it’s playing on a car radio, by mixing the “inside car” effect on Audition with a slightly distorted, retro effect on the other track.

The audio of people talking in the background is actually also a lot more significant than it probably sounds to the average listener–I actually recorded a little bit of the day I was talking about in the poem with the intent of using it as a sound effect in my podcast, so I dug up the old recording on my phone, added a slight reverb, slowed it down a bit, and shoved it in there, because we love some secret references to my life in spoken word tracks.

And then I slowed down the music a little, and voila, one month of procrastination later, we have a spoken word track.

Anyhow. I hope this helps someone? Makes them feel less alone? It means a lot to me, I guess. And this whole thing sucks, but at least we can know that we’re not the only ones going through it. Which is something.

Lots of love,


Okay! Credits time! Thank god, these credits are the simplest I’ve had to write out in ages, normally I download like, six or seven different sound effects and it is a complete nightmare.

“This Bed Without You is a Lonely Place I Would Rather Not Be” is by Squire Tuck. It is found here and used according to this license. It has been modified by me.

And all the rest was done by yours truly 🙂

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