hush (spoken word)

Song is “Cold Summers” by Blue Dot Sessions. It is found here ( and used according to this license ( And other than that, everything is all mine! As I write this, I just finished producing a video I made for this poem that I am super proud to show you guys, so yeah! This piece has a pretty big story behind it, but I feel like telling you what inspired it would kinda ruin the experience of this poem, so I’m just going to… let you wonder, I guess. That feels good, for a change. As well, the video for this poem should be releasing this upcoming Wednesday, at 9am PDT, so get excited for that I guess? I personally am super proud of it and think it really adds to the whole experience. As well, the first episode of my podcast, Sonnets of a Teenage Wannabe, just came out–you can find all of the places to listen to that here. 🙂

Lots of love,



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