In this episode, I talk the mundanity of routine, imposter syndrome, snow, feeling hopeless, and coping with social anxiety at school.

Need to talk to anyone? Find a crisis line in your area here: https://www.suicidestop.com/call_a_hotline.html

All sound effects made by yours truly! 🙂

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Okay! Music credits, here we go!
“Mimos Menguados” from patrickdeartegea.com
“1st Sonata – Snowy Stars” from patrickdeartegea.com
“SOLO ACOUSTIC GUITAR” by Jason Shaw, which is found here (https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Jason_Shaw/Audionautix_Acoustic/SOLO_ACOUSTIC_GUITAR_3-11) and used according to this license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/)
“Alone” Music: https://www.purple-planet.com


Thanks to all these amazing artists for putting out their work royalty free, it really helps in creating independent shows like this one.

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