let me tell you a story, all right? of a little girl with bug-eyes, and dollar-store sneakers. a girl who wandered through the forest for hours on end looking for somewhere to fit in. and she never found it. and you’ll never find it. i don’t get what’s so hard to grasp about this.

let me tell you a story. about a little girl who would cry, and cry, and cry. whose stamping feet caused earthquakes, whose sobs controlled the tides.

a girl in a glass house, swallowing stone, after stone, after stone. waiting for her heart to finally give out the ghost.

a girl dressed up like a christmas tree, groping around in the midnight of her own mind, and honestly some days i still can’t figure out what’s wrong and what’s right.

a girl curled up on the couch. staring her shadows straight in the eye, watching them shift, and bend. and finally move out of sight.

a girl half-asleep in bed. and you need to get up. you hear me? you need to do something more than just passively exist.

but the little girl didn’t know how to. did she? floundering in her own fucking mind,  following her instincts straight down to hell. swallowing down their advice with cookies.  and milk.

because when there’s no one out there who could possibly heal you… you can always trust the monsters in your head to give you some help.

I think this poem pretty much speaks for itself, so all I wanted to say here is that! My podcast! Comes out this Friday OH MY GOSH I’M SO EXCITED!!!! If you don’t know what the deal about that is, learn more about it here.

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