december 13th, 2019

sinking / falling / drowning / feathers ruffling my lungs and i can’t take this anymore / paranoid thoughts / and it’s all one massive safety behaviour / and someone’s going to hurt me / i know they’re going to hurt me / i can feel it in my bones / shaking through me / sinking heart of stone / no one will ever notice me / head spinning / and i hate this so much ok / i’m sorry. / because i know i’m selfish / and entitled / and stupid / but i think someone is watching me / think they’re coming for me / with knife-sharp words / and darkness out of a nightmare / and look at the screen light / look at all these monsters / right before my eyes / just get it out / get it out / get the fuck out of my mind / because i just want to pass the time, all right? / living, but not really alive / so please dear god just let me bury the last seeds of memory deep / down / inside. 

Trying out a bit of a new style, this piece was definitely very experimental.

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