right now, i just want to fit in (spoken word)

I just want to say about this poem that, well, I wrote it to explore some things I tell myself a lot. I didn’t write it because the thoughts discussed are correct. Your pain IS valid, how you feel is important, you are worthwhile, you’re not weak for having a mental illness. Please remember that. Growing up is hard, but honestly, growing up with anxiety is even harder, and in this poem I hope I managed to capture a small aspect of that. 🙂

Royalty free music from patrickdearteaga.com

Static sound effect by Mike Koenig on soundbible.com (http://soundbible.com/1674-Record-Player-Static.html)

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3 thoughts on “right now, i just want to fit in (spoken word)

  1. enchantingsunrise

    I can’t tell you lady how much I adore you to the core💙
    We all go through challenges in our life but only some of us are brave enough to be vulnerable and speak about it.
    Everyday when I come across people like you, I feel that I am not alone and I know someday we all will fight the odds and shine like the brightest star we have ever known.

    Liked by 1 person

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