a safe place

there’s a spot by the river i found today. where the rushing water will drown out my thoughts. where the trees will hide me. where my fear will never find me. and you won’t, either. not for now, anyway.

no one’s judging you

and i’ll just lie there. staring up at the blinding blue sky for what feels like eternity. 

no one’s gonna take your life away.

it’s been a really long day. you know that? because it’s exhausting. always being so scared like this. heart pounding, and stomach churning, and sirens going off in your chest. seeing catastrophes, where other people just see awkward conversations, or getting “only” 80% on school assignments.

you haven’t hurt anyone. 

sometimes, i just want to close my eyes and dream. because it’s been such a long time since i’ve actually seen myself as a human being.

this won’t last forever. you’re gonna be okay. 

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