because i am a volcano

and the stress piles up on my shoulders. and i run faster, and faster, and faster. and i set myself on fire, and then wonder why i don’t sleep so well anymore. and my thoughts are shattered glass, and i don’t know what the truth is, and i am a volcano. so i close my eyes. and fake a smile. and try not to cry. because i am a volcano, and villains don’t cry. so i blow my chance, and tell you everything is fine. and i keep going. and i keep going. and i keep going, despite everything that’s happening. and i think myself to nothing, and i get good grades, but i don’t learn much of anything, and i hide in the corner believing pointless things, waiting for someone to rescue me. or something. and i tell myself over and over again how much i deserve this, until i start to believe it. bit. by. bit.

a vent poem i wrote after a really stressful day. because i just in general feel like i’ve been really over-extending myself of late. (oh yeah, and because pretty much everything i post is heavy these days, find a crisis line in your region here.)

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