an empty space nestled deep inside me

the hollow cave of my skeleton. fake conversation. and the weight of your expectation. and the moment you realize there are some things that there are no answers for, even when you google it. and even though most of the time, i can trick myself into thinking i’m fine, i know perfectly well i’m just lying to myself about it. and every time i close my eyes, all i can see are the fissures, slowly growing into fault lines, and it’s all in my mind. and it’s all in my mind. and it’s all in my mind… and there is a storm i am numb to, raging on outside. and there is a storm i may never escape from, raging out beyond this night. and there is a world, burning down on my shoulders, and i don’t know what to tell you when you cry on my shoulders, because i don’t know what to tell myself when my tears dribble down my shoulders… and maybe… maybe this doesn’t matter. maybe i’m just a kid, shouting out her feelings into nowhere. or maybe that’s just today. because half of me is okay, but half of me feels like i’m underwater. i’m underwater. i’m underwater… and i’m not okay…

just a little sad poem for you all. hang in there. mental health resources post is here.

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