and maybe this matters or something

for flora

and i’m not saying i’m there yet. i’m just saying… you wrote me a poem. you wrote me a goddamn poem, saying my poetry meant something to you. saying all the empty messages and desperate mixed signals actually got through. and honestly, even now, it’s hard to even believe that’s true. even though it is true. even though this is true. and this is mine. and this is real. and i’m not saying that this is it. i’m not saying that suddenly, with something you’ve written, my entire world is fixed. i’m just saying maybe someone cares or something. maybe i’m worth something. maybe there’s hope for me. and maybe someone would listen, if i grabbed a megaphone, and raised my voice a little louder, and a little louder, and maybe if i screamed up at the sky, people wouldn’t just call it mindless chatter. and maybe… maybe i have a chance. maybe we have a chance. and maybe… maybe we’re not alone in this. and maybe that means something. and maybe what i’m doing… what we’re doing… maybe, maybe, maybe matters. or something.

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