i want to get a haircut

i want cut my hair short because i’m wearing high heels at school today and it kind of hurts but it kind of makes me feel like i could kick someone in the face but in the innocent kind of way.  i want to cut my hair short so it won’t hang by my ears anymore, because i know it’s unconventional and that’s kind of the whole point of it. i want to cut my hair short because just for once i want to toss aside the deadweight of their expectations. i want to do something even though others wouldn’t get it. i want to do cut my hair short because it makes me smile. i want to cut my hair short, because this is the first happy poem i’ve written in a while and it doesn’t matter if you don’t like how i look, because for the first time i feel almost. in. control. i want to cut my hair, because i want to be more than what anyone else expected of me. i want to be more than anyone else thought i could be. i want to cut my hair short, because i guess i just thought that maybe if i could cast away everything i used to be i could be the person i want to be, and if a haircut can make me feel happy for a moment, i’ll take it. i’ll take anything you have to give me.

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