i posted a ton of stuff today!! // general update // unsolicited hugs

hi internet people! so i have posted a ton of stuff today! yay! this week has been really exhausting for me; i haven’t been sleeping great, and i had a school poetry performance thing… which was stressful, although i am glad i did it. also, i run a poetry club… and usually, it’s easy, but of late it’s been difficult on me. also, did i mention sleep? i’m have issues with sleeping. gah. honestly, there are so many things i just need to scream out and know someone is listening. i had therapy today (therapy of the emotional kind, to be clear). but i really need more than an hour to get a whole week of crazy off my chest; i was talking nonstop and i think i barely scratched the surface.

anyhow. i am sidetracking. today, i posted four poems! this is the third week i’ve done this! which may or may not be a sound decision for my mental health. but i did it!

read them here, here, here, and here.

also, i’ve been taking a break from tumblr. (and i haven’t even touched the youtube channel, because i don’t feel like i’m ready to handle it yet, and i think i’ll know when i am; maybe when i’m finished all my schoolwork for the year.) but i just posted a punch of short poems!! read them here, here, and here. honestly, i feel like most people on tumblr don’t have a very high attention span, so i try to avoid posting poems over 500 words. which makes things difficult, to be honest. i hope it’s good… but i’m not super-confident with short poetry. anyway. check them out if you want to; if you have any FRIENDLY feedback/advice for running a tumblr/feelings in general/anything you need to talk about, feel free leave it below, as long as you’re being nice about it, because i am up to my armpits in hostility as is. 🙂

not sure when i’ll be tumblring again. i try to update goldfish-and-the-microphone.tumblr.com at least once a week, but it’s not my highest priority.

i hope you’re doing well. i hope you feel alive. i hope you don’t feel numb. i hope you’ve been doing better than i am. but if you’re hurting,  know you are not alone.  i’m sending all my hugs your way. ❤




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